Drive more economically.

Whether you are an experienced Driver, or recently passed your Driving Test, why not consider improving your Driving skills, and gain satisfaction by achieving an Advanced Drivers Certificate.

There are many Organisations for Advanced Motorists, one of the main ones being the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). However, the one we recommend is the DIAmond Advanced Car Test, as this is the only advanced test in the UK that uses the Driving Standards Agency marking system, a system which all of you should be familiar with.

The Duration of this test is 60 minutes, and you are only permitted to make 6 driving faults. You will also be asked to complete more manoeuvres then your original driving test, and you may also drive on the Motorway where this is possible.

With more traffic on the road comes far more challenges, and driving defensively can prove to be a life-saving skill for you, your family, and other road users. You are taught how to drive more economically, thus saving fuel and reducing emissions. Upon completion, you can gain satisfaction from knowing you are driving well, along with saving money, which is an important factor in today’s economic conditions.

Still Not Satisfied? - Why not take what is probably the most difficult driving test in the UK today:

This is even more difficult than the test above, but still uses the Driving Standards Agency marking system.On this occasion, you will be given a 1.5 hour driving test, and only allowed 2 driver errors. Having already passed this test, we are able to train you to the exceptionally high standard we know will be good enough to give you the best opportunity to pass.

Once you have gained either of these qualifications, you will be enrolled in to the MASTERDRIVER CLUB. As a reward, your first year’s subscription is free and you can enjoy a range of benefits and discounts on a wide range of products including cheaper vehicle recovery service and possibly less expensive insurance premiums. For more information visit the Driving Instructors Association website