Motorway Driving Lessons
Drivers wishing to Improve.

Motorways are very different from ordinary roads as they are designed to help traffic travel at higher speeds. This puts a much greater emphasis on the driver. Traffic travelling at faster speeds means that conditions change far quicker than what you may be used too, thus you will have to remain fully alert at all times and 100% focused. Though Motorways are generally safer than other roads in relation to the number of accidents occurring, when they do occur, they can quite often catastrophic, often leading to loss of life. Taking Motorway Driving Lessons can certainly help to build your confidence on these high speed roads.

As Motorways are not featured on the standard driving test, it is essential that Professional Motorway Training is undertaken.

Owing to where our nearest Motorways are, and to get the best value for money, we offer a full days course with plenty on Motorway Driving involved. We tend to visit areas that may be relevant to you, for example, Gatwick or Heathrow Airport.

We will cover such items as:

  • Driving On Motorways: A General Overview.
  • Sliproads on and off the Motorway
  • Lane Discipline and Overtaking
  • Braking
  • Different Weather Conditions
  • Fatigue and Tiredness
  • Night Driving
  • Roadworks and Contra Flow Systems
  • General Hazards for a Novice on Motorways


We are currently offering a 6-hour session for just £180.00. We can also assess your general driving on other types of roads leading to the Motorways themselves. (Please note the amount of time on the motorway will be subject to traffic conditions, and no refund will be offered should we fail to reach such areas).

Newly Qualified Drivers can incorporate Motorway Driving Lessons whilst participating in the Pass Plus scheme, though may not drive as many miles on the motorway owing to the structured syllabus having to be followed.

For more information regarding lessons and prices, please contact Drive and Pass on 07817 778876, or via the contact form on the contact page